A Look at the Most Important PC Accessories for Web Developers

If you’re a web developer then you’ve probably put some thought into the issue of building up a nice workspace. There are a lot of accessories on the market that are useful for web developers, and that will make your workflow that little bit more efficient. Useful accessories include:

A Tablet PC

It’s so much easier to work on layouts and graphic designs if you have a tablet PC, versus having to do the work with a mouse. If you’ve never tried a tablet PC, you have no idea what you’re missing out on!

A Mechanical Keyboard

This is another quality of life addition that you might think wouldn’t make much difference, but that does. A good mechanical keyboard is so much easier to type on than a cheap membrane keyboard. It could save you from RSI, and it will definitely make you type faster.

Weighted Optical Mouse

If you’re still using a low quality optical mouse, then take a look at some of the more modern ones that are designed for gaming, with adjustable weights and even button lengths. Use the extra buttons to macro things that you do a lot, and enjoy the capabilities offered with adjustable sensitivities, and satisfying-weight controls.

Dual Monitor

You can never have too much real estate. Get two high quality monitors with deep blacks and clear whites, and fast black to black pixel times, and you’ll find that you can focus on your work for longer, and you get better, more realistic colors too. High hertage gaming monitors are still expensive, but monitors with faithful color reproduction for designers and developers are not so expensive, and will still make a big difference to your overall quality of life and your ability to put in a good work day.

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