Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Mower

While there are many lawn mower reviews out there, before you start to read about specific models of mowers, it would probably be a good idea to understand the various factors that should have a bearing on your decision. After that, you’ll find that choosing the best lawn mowers is a lot easier.

  • Riding or Push Lawn Mower

Chances are you may have noticed that some lawn mowers allow you to ride on them – sort of like a buggy, while others need to be pushed. Needless to say, getting a riding lawn mower is going to save you a lot of work, but you need to be aware that there are downsides too.

Generally speaking riding lawn mowers tend to be much more expensive. So unless you happen to have a really good reason why you don’t want to push around a lawn mower – they may very well be impractical.

  • Gas, Electric or Manual Lawn Mower

Frankly speaking this question is a lot more involved than you might think. Gas mowers tend to be more powerful but you’ll need to store and refill the gas when you want to use it. On the other hand electric lawn mowers are a lot more convenient and will either feature a rechargeable battery or a cord (or sometimes even both).

Of course the cheapest option would be a manual lawn mower, but as lawn mower reviews will tell you – they take a lot of effort.

  • Mulching or Bagging Lawn Mower

Have you noticed that one lawn mower may deposit the grass it cuts in a nice bag while others shred it to bits and leave it on the lawn? That’s the difference between a bagging or mulching lawn mower. All in all it is a question of preference, but in most cases you’ll find that bagging lawn mowers are cheaper – though for specifics you’ll need to consult lawn mower reviews.

Based on these factors, finding the best lawn mowers shouldn’t be too hard. When you go over lawn mower reviews just be sure to keep an eye out for the ratings as well as opinions by customers who have actually bought and used the lawn mower in question.

Some brands of lawn mowers are definitely  highly popular and worth checking out such as the Black & Decker lawn mower, but be sure that you don’t just buy one for the brand alone. Even a Black & Decker lawn mower might not be the right lawn mower for your needs if it doesn’t have the features that you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that based on your budget, lawn size and specific needs you should make the right choice of lawn mower.

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